Translated Versions of The Perfect Pointe Book

The Perfect Pointe Book has translated into the following languages:

Spanish – “El Libro De La Perfecta Punta” CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW

Japanese – coming soon!
Portuguese – coming soon!
French – coming soon!
Mandarin – coming soon!

Other Products

Lisa has written a range of books to help dancers perfect their flexibility, turnout, core control and technique for dance. If you have any product enquiries, please email us at To order the products below, simply click on the images.

The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program

The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program

Getting into the splits comfortably is a dream for many dancers, and now ‘The Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program’ will help you to reach your dreams! The program now comes with double DVD set to help ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and makes it fun with fantastic music. It is a unique program that teaches you how to work with your body, not against it; To realise why it tightens up and all of the things that influence this; and to realise that most of the time, traditional stretching is the most inefficient way to get more flexible. Learn the secrets therapists have been using for years, to break through your flexibility barriers today!

Core Stability for Dancers

Most core training addresses the big ‘global movement’ muscles.
While these muscles are important for any dancer, true core
strength is more subtle and comes from much deeper within. This
course addresses how to use true core control; how to train the
right muscles and how to apply this to your dancing. The aim of
this Core Stability course is to achieve dynamic and fluid control
of the spine, helping to attain higher extensions, better turns and
relieve back pain.The course includes exercises to work on
finding your neutral spine, strengthen your inner and outer unit
muscles, as well as teach you how to activate you core while
dancing! This book is essential training for any dancer or dance
teacher wanting to take their dancing to the next level. The
process is split into several stages to allow each dancer to work
at their own level, and gradually develop core stability in all
directions, and with movement.

Advanced Foot Control

This course is specifically designed for more advanced students, professional dancers and dance teachers, to improve their knowledge and technique in regards to controlling their feet. ‘Advanced Foot Control’ goes into detailed explanations of the anatomy of your feet to teach you not only how the muscles in your feet work, but how you make your feet work better for you. The manual also provides specific strengthening and massage techniques so that you can learn to self-treat. It is completely unique! Every time this course has been presented dancers and teachers have remarked that it has changed the way they view their feet completely.

Training Turnout Manual

Training Turnout Manual

Discover the true secrets of maximizing turnout! Learn all about your turnout muscles and how to use these muscles correctly in class to increase your turnout control and range. Then once you have mastered control of your turnout this manual will teach you to go beyond the basics and start to help you develop greater control of your hipsin order to execute higher extensions safely without developing clicky hips!

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