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“Hi Lisa, I just recently bought The Perfect Pointe Book and am entering the second week of Stage One. When I went to ballet class on Tuesday I noticed my feet were more flexible. I have (had) a very tight tendon in the back of my heel and during the class I noticed it didn’t even hurt once! My dancing has improved too and I am not the only one who has noticed. My teacher and some other girls noticed too. I am not revealing my secret though! Thank you so much Lisa!”

McKenzie (USA)

“This is an excellent manual for both pre-pointe and advanced dancers. It is simple to use, and will be a great help to students who are serious about developing good pointe work. Lisa has written many helpful exercises, with clear photographs to demonstrate how to improve strength and prevent injury. This manual would also be very useful for teachers, and particularly student teachers, who want to learn how to safely prepare their pupils for pointe work.”

Lindsay Ellman-Brown LRAD ARAD
Grade Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

I absolutely find this information wonderful. I teach a couple ballet classes part time in Montrose, Colorado. I have 3 young girls 12-13 starting pre-pointe classes with me. We have started the first stage this week. The girls loved the tests and learning the exercises. It teaches them the awareness they need, and me the ability to correct technique and avoid injuries. I want them to have a great experience on pointe. I can’t say enough positive things about The Perfect Pointe Book. Thanks for caring about dancers!

Teri (USA)

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have really enjoyed your book. After many many years without ballet I decided to reinitiate what has always been my passion. I am 43 and am trying to get my body once again used to dancing. My daughter is 11 and has been taking ballet lessons since she was 3. She is now beginning to dance on pointes. Although we are definitely living different moments in our ballet life, we have really enjoyed doing your exercises together. We are just starting this week with stage 1, but it has already shown to be a wonderful activity for us to share! Thanks also for all the great tips you’ve sent us.

Paula (USA)

“The The Perfect Pointe Book fills major gaps in knowledge that exist in the education of ballet students in many countries. Lisa Howell is a qualified person who has always answered ‘all those questions we all have and have always wanted to ask “ on pointe work, and conveys her knowledge with everyone (teachers, students and parents) so that everyone can understand clearly. The best thing about this book is that it teaches the student what is the best way to prepare for pointe work and how to improve and maintain their strength for future workouts. I recommend this book as a tool for teachers and students of ballet. “

Jane Allyn ARAD
Soloist and Teacher
Co-Director of Ecole Ballet Studios, Sydney

2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Students

  1. Joeley says:

    I dance and I am in the intermediate class for ballet.
    My teacher Kassian, has said that she can help me do exercises for preparing for pointe.
    Your exercises have been great and have helped so much.
    Thanks Lisa

  2. Amanda says:

    Hey Lisa! I just want to say I love The Perfect Pointe Book! I’m coming back from a few year performance hiatus plus an old ankle injury and even now at the third stage I feel way more confident to try and take a class in my pointe shoes again! The exercises, even in other books and programs, are too the point and are very simple to understand. It has made getting back to dancing so much easier. Thank you so much! <3

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