About The Author – Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell is a physiotherapist specialising in the education and treatment of dancers. She trained at Otago University in New Zealand, and after working in New Zealand, Australia and Austria, she has returned to Australia to fulfill her dream of sharing her fascination of the human body with the world. She owns and runs the Perfect Form Physiotherapy practice in North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and also lectures internationally to various ballet schools and sporting institutions on exercise rehabilitation and safe technique.

She has a close working relationship with several ballet schools; she treats injured dancers and performs pre-pointe assessments and screening tests to identify any possible issues as soon as possible. Sessions are often aimed at maximising an individual’s performance, rather than waiting for an injury to occur.

Lisa has (or has had) students move on to the following prestigious International Schools and Companies:

  • The Australian Ballet School (Melbourne, Australia)
  • The Australian Ballet (Melbourne, Australia)
  • The Royal Ballet School (London, UK)
  • The English National Ballet School (London UK)
  • Cirque Du Soleil (Touring)
  • The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (London, UK)
  • The School of American Ballet (New York, USA)
  • Miami City Ballet (Florida, USA)
  • New York City Ballet (New York, USA)
  • Washington School of Ballet (Washington DC, USA)
  • The Royal Czech Ballet (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • The Boston Ballet School (Boston, USA)
  • The Canadian National Ballet School (Toronto, Canada)
  • Ballettschule der Wiener Staatsoper (Ballet School of the Vienna State Opera)
  • National Ballet School of Portugal (Portugal)
  • Tanzakademie Zürich (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • WAPPA (Perth, Australia)
  • Queensland Ballet (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Royal New Zealand Ballet (Wellington, NZ)
  • The New Zealand School of Dance (Wellington, NZ)

Lisa’s aim is to develop a series of resources to allow dancers, athletes and the general public – wherever they are in the world – to have access to vital information that may change the way they work with their bodies. She enjoys working with athletes because of the responsibility they take for their own management, and their drive to achieve, or return to, full capacity as quickly as possible.

Lisa began dancing at the age of 5, doing both the RAD Syllabus and Flamenco dance. Throughout her professional studies and career she has continued her involvement with dance and uses her personal experience as a constant learning tool to advance her knowledge. She loves to have a close interaction with her clients, so please feel free to contact her through the open blog at www.balletblog.com

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