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Are you a parent of a young dancer who is passionate about Ballet?

Do you want to see your daughter excel beyond her wildest dreams?

Are you confident that your child is getting the optimum nutrition to be dancing at their full potential?

Are you feeling out of your depth coping with the psychological and physical demands of a young adult who is so involved in their dancing to the exclusion of all else?

Do you want to hear the delight in her voice when she tells you how much she is improving, thanks to your involvement?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if all of this information was together in one place?

So many parents are bewildered by the whole experience of the dance world and are often at a loss at how best to support their children. Whether this is in regard to nutrition, training techniques or optimal emotional coping strategies in times of stress, help is at hand!
“I was given a preview of this excellent Parents Manual a few weeks ago, after a particularly stressful time in my life. My 14 year old daughter announced she wanted to do full time dance, while at the same having sustained a hip injury.

What does the world of dance entail for the young dancer and parents? As a mother, I did not really have any idea of all the different aspects involved in supporting and helping my daughter in becoming a healthy, balanced, safe dancer and human being. I had many sleepless nights worrying about the future and nowhere had it seemed, could I get honest independent advice. That is, until Lisa gave me her manual. How I wished I had found it many years ago.
This manual is an excellent resource for both the parent and the dancer. It is an honest and practical overview of the many facets involved in developing a healthy, safe and injury free dancer. It discusses issues like The Physical and Psychological Development of the Dancer, Readiness for pointe work, Eating Disorders, Nutrition and Choosing a School and Teacher. Whether your daughter aspires to a professional dance career or is a recreational dancer this manual is invaluable. It gives parents confidence and knowledge in choosing the right path to health and fitness for the future success of their child. (L.H)
In my daily practice as a physiotherapist I often have concerned parents asking me questions about:

What their daughter should be eating?

How to deal with a suspected eating disorder?

How to cope with performance anxiety?

How to best deal with physical injury?

How to optimise performance in all areas?

How to prevent injury?

When is the right time to progress onto pointe?

I soon began to realise that while they usually have a vast source of knowledge, most dance teachers are far too busy to answer all of these questions from every student’s parents. In addition, there are many things that dancers’ parents need to know but often do not know they need to ask…

I wanted to create and easy-to-read electronic resource to help parents understand some of the demands that are placed on young dancers, and how best to support them. I wanted to help provide guidance through difficult decision making, and provide options for often challenging situations.
This Parents Manual answers all of these common questions and more, and best of all…
All you have to do to get your FREE PDF is to leave your name and email address in the spaces provided, along with any specific questions you have about your childs involvement in dance!
Ages of children:

Yes, that’s right! Despite the insistence of everyone who has managed to get a sneak preview of it that I should be charging for it, I wanted to keep it free. I wanted to make sure that there was no barrier to any parent wherever they are in the world, to be able to access quality information that they can trust, in regards to learning the best ways to assist their children. This 130 page downloadable e-manual received great praise at the recent International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) conference. A few copies have also been leaked to the parents of some local dancers. This is what some of them had to say about the book…
The Parents Manual is a valuable part of Lisa Howell's Perfect Pointe System. Parents are rarely considered in the dance education of their children and are generally not knowledgeable about the impact of dance on the bodies and minds of young students. This book, designed specifically for parents, will play an important role in educating parents, answering commonly asked questions and giving them the
information to make informed decisions about their child's training and health. The sections on hours of training and the psychological development of dancers are particularly relevant. A book of this sort has been long overdue. It will help both teachers and parents to make the transition to pointe work a happy and safe one for each student.” (MB)
“A thoroughly intelligent and well written work, answering all of the questions that parents seek answers to, as well as what they should know but don’t think to ask!” (S.M.D)
"As a non-dancing mother of two young dancers I have entered the world of dance and feel completely unprepared. Thankfully the 'Parents Manual' has rescued me! So many questions in my head have been answered and I have my Manual handy to refer to over and over again. My girls love to dance and I love them...and now I feel more confident to support them in becoming wonderful healthy dancers." (K.C)
“Dear Lisa. Thank you so very much for producing a wonderful tool for dancers and parents from your many years of working with dance students. Your insights and advice have proved to be invaluable to our family. Our teenage daughter has, more recently, been struggling with the many frustrations of ongoing injury coupled with the expectations of her dance school and the academic expectations of her parents. Your manual has proven to be, not only a fantastic resource, but an ally for me in bringing up the difficult subjects; Subjects such as the immense value of good nutrition & the struggle with not always being able to be perfect. Your manual has clearly and concisely explained how nutrition is so vital in the recovery of ongoing injury and given us guidelines to follow.
Reading "The Perfect Pointe Parents Manual" has also given me a valuable insight into the issues faced by all dancers that I had not
considered. This again has enabled me to be conscious of the struggles young dancers face and has enabled both my daughter and I to have extremely proactive discussions. We are following a different pattern whereby we can discuss & resolve existing issues and be aware of others resulting in a harmonious outcome.
Thoughtful and practical advice is always welcome when raising children and teenagers, however, as any parent of a committed dancer or athlete will agree, there are some unique challenges facing parents of these sometimes driven, perfectionist children. You have dealt with a wide range of subjects with compassion and empathy but maintained a strong sense of practicality throughout.
Again, we can only say how very appreciative we have been as a family of this marvelous tool. My daughter has already gained enormously from the invaluable information you have produced in your serious of short videos. The videos make it simple to get really good information on the basics such as how to break in a pointe shoe correctly right through to the basic strengthening exercises all dancers need to prevent injury.” (S.M)
I really am simply concerned at the lack of good information available to parents of dancers who are totally absorbed by this demanding art.
All you have to do to ensure that you get your copy is simply leave your name and email address below; along with any specific questions you have about your child’s involvement in dance.
Ages of children:

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